At My Melbourne Plumber, blocked drains are one of the number one reasons why our team is called out to our customers’ homes. Before winter rolls in, every home owner should ensure that there are no serious obstacles in their drains that may inhibit the natural flow of residual water. This type of blockage can prove costly and can transform your outdoor area into an unsightly mess if the blockage is not dealt with quickly.

Occasionally, a blocked drain can be fixed easily without the assistance of a plumber. Other times, depending on the severity of the block drain, the DIY approach just won’t effectively solve the problem. You may need to bring in the big guns! This is where My Melbourne Plumber can help. We have a large range of innovative tools and methods in our arsenal to ensure we get your drain unblocked quickly. Why waste time trying to fix it yourself when we can do it faster for you?

Blocked Drains Plumber Melbourne

There are several reasons why drains can become clogged. Natural debris such as a build-up of leaves can be a major plumbing menace. This is particularly common throughout Autumn and Spring. The second reason is because of an improper pipe installation. This can result in pipe damage and a restriction of water flow through the pipe if not installed correctly. The third reason is heavy rains. For an already blocked pipe, this can be a nightmare as rain water cannot flow away from your home properly. Instead it can build up and produce large, soaked patches across driveways and lawns. The fourth reason is a fractured pipe which is susceptible to clogging and can be caused by roots growing inside and around the pipes.

Our team of professional plumbers understand that these types of situations are the major reasons for blocked drains in Melbourne. My Melbourne Plumber offers a comprehensive drain service and we make a damn good drain cleaner if do say so ourselves! Drain plumbing doesn't have to be a hassle for you anymore. If you are worried that you may have a blocked drain, then call our team today. We offer a competitive drain cleaning service throughout the greater Melbourne area. Let’s get it fixed for you!


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