One of the most common plumbing issues that our customers face in their homes is the classic leaking tap situation. We are all familiar with the annoying sound of a dripping tap in the night. Although it may not appear to be a relatively large problem on the surface, a leaking tap in your home does need to be addressed. A dripping tap can waste as much as one litre of water per hour.

When we share this knowledge with our customers, they feel a sense of relief that they got it fixed earlier rather than later. Other than simply saving you money on your water bills, it can be frustrating when you have water going in the wrong direction or the annoyance of a drip that just won’t go away. At My Melbourne Plumber, no job is too small for the call out. Leaking taps are our speciality and one that we see often in our daily work.

Fix Leaking Tap Melbourne

Many household owners faced with this annoying little issue often wonder how to fix a leaking tap. We have a funny saying here at My Melbourne Plumber – “we repair what your husband fixed.” While it may appear to be a minor household repair job, many people will sometimes underestimate the work involved in fixing a leaking tap. You’ll require various tools that you may not currently have on hand. These can range from spanners to crosshead screwdrivers to cloths and pliers. Then you need to research to find the correct tap washer for the job. And yes, different taps have different washers. So, unless you know what you’re after, it can cost you in precious travel time to get the parts you need.

We say, leave it to the experts! Our friendly and specialized team carry all the correct parts and tools for the job when we come to see you. Don’t leave a dripping tap until your next water bill comes in. If you desperately need to fix a leaking kitchen tap and get on with your life, speak to our team at My Melbourne plumbing today. We will arrange for a specialist to come out to you and fix the problem quickly.


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