When you require a gas line installation or you need to find gas maintenance services in Melbourne, call our team today to get the job done properly. At My Melbourne plumbing, we are more than simply plumbers. We are fully qualified to deal with all things related to gas. We provide extensive gas maintenance services and gas line installation in the greater Melbourne area.

Our team consists of skilled gas technicians who are authorized to repair, perform maintenance, and install gas services when needed. We offer the following services to our customers which include, gas installations, gas hot water, gas heating and gas leakage solutions. We can also repair gas pipe networks or install entirely new gas networks where required. We deal with a variety of gas appliances from gas heaters, central heating systems and gas range repairs, through to gas fireplaces and water heaters

Gas Leak Repair Melbourne

Switching to gas is a very cost effective way to ensure that more money stays in your pocket. If we compare standard electricity to gas from a cost perspective, gas works out to be a quarter of the cost of electricity per kilowatt. Many of our customers notice a significant difference when they check their next energy bill. Thousands of people living in Melbourne are making the change to gas and My Melbourne Plumber is more than happy to assist you in joining them. We can discuss the options to see what works best for you. Setting up a network to channel gas from the street and straight to your home is one solution. The other option is to look at installing an LPG unit. This also has incredible savings when compared to electricity.

So, whether it’s a gas line installation, gas application repairs/maintenance or even an LPG option, speak to our friendly team at My Melbourne Plumber. For the best gas installation service and gas repairs in Melbourne, you won’t find a better team to deal with than us. Let’s see if we can help you to save some extra money!


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