Unblocking toilets or removing dirt from clogged drains are not the only plumbing issues that can occur. Blockages can also cause damage to the structure of your plumbing system. Plumbing networks need to remain fully intact from the elements so that water inside can flow unrestricted. Objects such as tree roots can grow into the path of the piping system and cause major alignment issues and fractures. Once this occurs, it can create extensive water build-up and potential flooding to surrounding areas of your home.

Leaking Pipe Repair Melbourne

Finding the best pipe lining contractor or plumbing service can be a hassle. At My Melbourne Plumber, we take the effort out of this process. We are more than simply plumbers by the way! We consider ourselves expert drain surgeons when it comes to your plumbing. We don’t just remove obstructions that are clogging your toilets, guttering or drains. We are also highly skilled at repairing damage to the piping itself. Our team can check for potential damage by using our CCTV inspection equipment. This can save you time, money and allows us to safely confirm that there is actual damage in the first instance before we need to intervene. We can look at options such as a pipe relining service. This process allows us to rehabilitate the pipe without the need to excavate the general area. Not only do you save money and time here, our process also prevents any unwanted mess to your home or outdoor area that can occur from digging.

Sewer pipe relining is a great option for damaged plumbing. Don’t settle anything less than top service, expert knowledge, and affordable, competitive pricing! Pipe relining in Melbourne is easily taken care of when you speak to our team at My Melbourne Plumber. Remember, “if water runs through it…. we will do it!” Contact our team today to see how we can get your plumbing back on track.


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