Plumbing…It’s Not Just Our Profession, It’s A Passion

Plumbing…It’s Not Just Our Profession, It’s A Passion

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The title says it all. Any phrase with the word “passion” in it could be considered somewhat cliched today. At My Melbourne Plumber we love this word as we truly believe that it represents who we are. It also lets our customers know the level at which we play on the plumbing field. Plumbing is more than just a profession for us. Of course, it’s our job, but we take that extra step further by making it our life’s work. Outstanding workmanship and happy customers are what we live for on a daily basis.  Whether it’s a small job or something that requires a little more heavy work on our behalf, our team are here to ensure that your households plumbing is running at full capacity when we are done.

So just who is My Melbourne Plumber and what do we do? Firstly, we deal with all things that involve your homes plumbing. Nothing stands in our way. From leaking taps to toilet repairs, from gas leaks to CCTV inspection of your homes plumbing network, we are a highly skilled team that are sure to uncover the problem and find a solution. And yes, we are a 24 hour plumbing service. So if you end up with a plumbing dilemma of catastrophic proportions at two o’clock in the morning, simply call us for urgent assistance. Our team of expert plumbers and gas fitters are available when you need us.

We believe that people tend to take extra notice we they hear our facts  and figures, particularly when it comes to water leaks and saving your money on your next water bill. Here’s a fascinating fact – 95% of water your households water goes straight down the drain. 10% of homes waste around 340 litres per day. Ensuring that your home is leak free is one simple step towards reducing your costs. This alone can save up to 10% on your monthly water bill. When our customers discover this, they usually think twice about their water appliances, pipes, potential leaks, and how they use their water on a daily basis. Here’s something else to consider too when using water in your household. Did you know that older toilets can use as much as 11 litres on a single flush. Newer toilets are now far more economical and use around 3 litres per flush. This is something to consider when looking for the best local plumbers in Melbourne. And yes, we can help you out with installing a new toilet for you if you’ve been frightened away from using your old toilet now.

As you can see, our passion for plumbing is in our work and our knowledge of the industry. At My Melbourne Plumber, we believe that true passion goes well beyond simply working a 9-5 week. It stays with us through the day and night because our commitment is to you – our customers – 24/7.  We live by an old saying in the industry – “a flush beats a full house any day of the week.” So if it’s a domestic plumbing issue of monumental proportions, then you need a skilled domestic plumber to come to your rescue. If it’s an emergency, then we’ll get a skilled emergency plumber to you.

We understand too that not every job will be urgent. You may simply have a leaking tap or an annoying drip somewhere in your home. These minor occurrences are common in the average household but can sometimes escalate over time if left unresolved. At My Melbourne Plumber, we say “not a problem”!  We are more than happy and expertly equipped to deal with the small stuff before it turns into a larger problem. A plumber near Melbourne won’t do. Our team work in the heart of Melbourne’s suburbs. My Melbourne Plumber is Your Melbourne Plumber. We’re fair, friendly, and affordable to deal with. So, if you are suffering a plumbing crisis and your home is flooding fast, call us urgently today. Remember, “if water runs through it…we will do it!”