Are you needing your blocked toilet fixed? Or do you need assistance with the installation of a new toilet? Clogged toilets and toilet installations in Melbourne homes has never been easier to get done when you deal with us. My Melbourne Plumber will look after you through the entire process.

Let’s face it. Every home needs a fully operational toilet at all times. No one ever thinks their toilet will give out on them until it happens. By then it’s too late. The implications that this can have on the daily running of your household are far reaching and can quickly turn to frustration for everyone living under your roof. A blocked toilet is considered a serious health issue if not resolved quickly. Problems such as unnecessary spillage can put your family at risk too. There are some classic signs that your toilet is about to block.

1) your toilet is draining slowing after flushing

2) there is a bad odour coming from your toilet

3) the water rises high in the bowl straight after flushing.

Toilet Plumbing Melbourne

If you are experiencing any of these signs, contact the team at My Melbourne Plumbing so that we can resolve your issue before it becomes more serious. At My Melbourne Plumber, our team don’t want your household to get to that point. This is a frustrating situation to be in and one that can be easily avoided when call us for assistance.

Toilet plumbing is no easy job for an amateur and it’s one that people would rather leave to the experts due to the unpleasant backlash than can occur. Leave it to us fix because toilets are a plumber’s dream! This is what we do best and it’s the number one reasons why we are called out to so many homes. We will have your toilet issue fixed fast and with the friendliest service possible.

Not every call that we receive is about toilet blockages however. At My Melbourne Plumber, we are experts in toilet installations during bathroom renovations, or if you simply need a new toilet installed in your existing bathroom. This can seem daunting for anyone who doesn’t understand toilets. This is our life and one that we take pride in. We are fast, efficient, and affordable for our customers. Call us today!


Your Ideal Plumbing Solution. If you require more information and assistance do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer care team for additional support.